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Welcome to Happy Cork, your number one source for all things Happy.

Happy Cork, founded in 2019 by Sunshine Foss, is a wine and spirits travel shop with an emphasis on community.


Since opening our doors, Happy Cork has evolved in becoming a travel destination for all people to experience the largest selection of black and minority owned wine and spirits. 


“When I first ventured into the world of wine and spirits I knew I needed to give a platform to these underserved, amazing brands that were often overlooked. It’s now become my passion to highlight and show these wonderful brands while catering to the community surrounding us,” Sunshine explains. 


Additionally, patrons are welcomed with not only smiling faces but a diverse variety of accessories made by people of color. We are dedicated to providing you the most amazing experience so please: enter, ask questions, and take your time taking in our store. 


Every single bottle has been tasted by our team, so we know everything that goes into the store is delicious and something we’d want to buy at affordable prices. 


We hope you enjoy our store and the brands we offer as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


About Sunshine Foss:

Sunshine Foss is a woman of many talents. Born in Brooklyn, New York to St. Lucian parents, Sunshine had the best of both worlds: Brooklyn roots with an upbringing on the beautiful island of St. Lucia – affording her the opportunity to flourish and cultivate the woman she is today. Upon returning to the concrete jungle of New York, Sunshine once again moved – this time to Miami where she pursued her first passion, design. While living in the sunshine state, Sunshine became known in the Miami community as the best kept secret for everything vintage.


A new shift in her career followed her return and marrying to Remo Foss; the two pursued a career in real estate – complimenting each other’s talents of sharp business and a keen eye for design. Two kids, available space, and a dream later: Happy Cork Wine and Spirits was born. 


Sunshine’s love for design greatly influenced the feel and product selection while developing the Brooklyn-based store. From the wood pallet cash wrap to the tree stump hanging display, the store features up-cycled/ recycled merchandise along with an amazing assortment of wine & liquor. Sunshine spared no detail in ensuring Happy Cork is truly a happy place made for the community to find joy upon entering. Unlike other wine and spirits shops within the local community, customers are treated like guests, invited in to ask questions, touch the bottles, and indulge in all the store’s offerings. 


The mommypreneur is constantly thinking of new ways to ensure the community Happy Cork serves is kept at the center. This commitment to community includes featuring local artists, working with other small businesses to keep the block clean, and hosting events – currently virtual – as a means to continue cultivating beautiful connections amongst the people Happy Cork serves.